Client Briefings#

We have many clients, and not all of them are covered in this handbook. If you're encountering a new client for the first time, you're encouraged to visit our CRM and read up on their entry. Each entry in the CRM has an 'updates field' that you can expand which contains an initial briefing on that client.

Maintaining these client briefings is a joint effort between the Business Development Representative and the Client Owner for that client.

Initial Briefing#

When a new client signs a contract with us, the Business Development Representative will post an initial 'Client Briefing' with the template as follows (Note: Markdown is not currently supported, so you may need to format this manually):

# Client: *Example University*

## Points of Contact:
**Primary**: Person McPersonface
**Billing**: Penny Wise
**Client Owner**: Devy Developerson

## URLs:

CRM Entry: *Link to CRM entry*

## Projects/Current Epics:

* Hosted OCIM instance (see LMS link)
* Missingno XBlock
* *Link to Wormhole creation epic*

## Background

Example university is a theoretical university that has contracted our services. They've been in business for -100 years
and have decided to move to online learning after a plague broke out and their filing cabinets full of transcript 
records rusted through the floor.

They have been our client for 3.14159 years and have a history of wanting custom XBlocks and features that break
fundamental assumptions of spacetime.

They pay us before we issue them invoices, and we deliver work yesterday. Please do not mention medical professionals
when speaking to them. Person McPersonface freaked out when we mentioned a 'Doctor' at one point and it was very
difficult to calm him down.

Scope of the Briefings#

The briefings should contain information that is useful to all (or nearly all) of their epics, as well as other background and contact information that may be helpful to know. Details relevant only to one epic should be kept in the relevant epic ticket, and that epic ticket should be linked in the briefing. If an epic is completed and not likely to be especially important for understanding the current needs of the client, it can be removed from the listing.

Briefing Maintenance#

Information about clients changes over time-- which projects we have, important links, points of contact-- all of these can change, as well as background knowledge. The purpose of a briefing is to allow a developer to get up to speed quickly on a client's most important information.

To keep things up to date, Client Owners will write an update to the CRM entry for each meeting or signficant interaction they have with the client. Once a sprint, they will consolidate the updates to the most important points and recreate the initial briefing with the most up to date context.

Keeping this client briefing information succinct and informative helps new team members get up to speed quickly. Think carefully about what information from recent discussions will be relevant in the long term, and what can be discarded. See the 'Scope of the Briefings' section above for points to consider.