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We at OpenCraft lean heavily on asynchronous processes, and write tons of documents as a result. Any team member at OpenCraft has access to a proofreading service for work-related documents. We encourage you to use this service as needed, to improve the quality of your documents (discoveries, documentation, blog posts, etc.)

We work with a proofready company which employs humans to proofread your text and make suggestions. Here is how to submit your copy for proofreading:

  • Upload a Google Doc containing your copy to the "To Proofread" folder
  • Send an email to with a link to your document, asking them to proofread the document.
  • A proofreading professional will review your copy and submit a commented version in the "Proofreading done" folder. They will ping you once done.

VoilĂ !

Last update: 2023-05-24