There's plenty of jargon that goes around which may overwhelm a newcomer. See edX's glossary for any terms that may not be listed here.

If you feel there's a piece of lingo that isn't covered by edX's glossary nor by this document, let us know!

Apros: A custom LMS front-end, used by one of our clients (Yonkers). It replaces the standard Open edX LMS front-end.

Epic: A big chunk of work that has one common objective. It could be a feature, customer request or business requirement. These would be difficult to estimate or to complete in a single iteration. Epics contain smaller, broken down tasks meant for iterative completion.

Discovery: The process of "discovering" the set of tasks, and the approximate time estimations & level of effort needed for the tasks of an Epic.

Firefighter: A firefighter is a sprint's facilitator. The firefighter's responsibilities include handling emergencies, attempting to unblock people, watching over potential spillover, and more. See the corresponding JIRA ticket.

Points: The approximate "level of effort" and time a task would require. See the OpenCraft Process.

Timebox: A cap on time we plan on spending for a task -- going over the timebox is not permitted. If it looks like there is a risk of going over the timebox, ping Braden and/or the epic owner to discuss.

Ocim: Short for "OpenCraft Instance Manager". It's our in-house (but open source) continuous integration project that watches for our PRs against the edx/edx-platform repository and automatically spins up a sandbox that contains the PR's version of the platform. See how to spin up sandboxes.

OVH: The OpenStack-based cloud computing service we use to host OCIM VMs and more. See their homepage.

OSPR: Short for "Open Source Pull Request". This is the edX process for reviewing pull requests from the open source community.

IDA: Short for "Independently Deployable Application".

TODO: Add more lingo and upstream if needed to edX's glossary.